Fairmont Creamery Lofts

Detroit, MI 2014


This project is an adaptive re-use of the Fairmont Creamery Co building build in the 1920's, situated within Milwaukee Junction, Detroit's most historic manufacturing district. While currently in a area facing significant issues of abandonment and urban decay, this project falls within the Woodward Avenue redevelopment zone, will be near to a new light rail that will connect Midtown and Milwaukee Junction to Downtown, and is a short bike ride away from the Wayne State University campus. Responding to the uncertainty and fragmented nature of the urban situation of Detroit, this project incorporates a diverse and self-supporting programmatic mix. This includes condo units, student apartments, gallery and retail space, a makerspace and a restaurant. The broad mix of programming helps accommodate both current area residents and future re-urbanization. It also ensures the building and neighborhood has steady use throughout the day and year, which is vital for a healthy neighborhood. The restaurant, gallery, and retail will serve as an anchor for an evolving neighborhood and will compliment two neighboring galleries and loft style housing.

  • Area:  52,380 sqft / 4,866 sqft